Ls to porsche transaxle adapter

ls to porsche transaxle adapter Porsche 944, 1987, LS1 Conversion . Plain Steel Painted Black. An IRS rear suspension setup is required rather than a swing axle setup, because the Porsche box is only available in an IRS configuration, and can not be converted to swing axle. The T56 transaxle can be installed stock or upgraded, and parts are plentiful. These are economically adequate choices. LS Swap Masters has served the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for 30 years. Lot #22,030. 035" thicker than stock). any Buick Olds Pontiac Cadillac all bolt up, Chev is the odd ball and would require adapter. There is a company that made/makes some kind of shorty header for the Olds in a motor home which will work for you . Ultra tough construction for rough terrain, gears are REM super . We have built complete transaxle kits for Chev LS1-7, Ford Windsor, Ford Modular and Lexus to suit the G50 or 930 Porsche transaxle. Stock Turbo G50/52 pressure plate with throw out bearing. Engine to Transmission Adapters. (Photo Courtesy Advance Adapters Inc. SANDIEGO, CALIF. Then, there's no question the engine is no longer Porsche. 1955-57 Chevy LS Engine and Trans Conversion Mount Kits. ls to porsche transaxle adapter It was longer and wider than original to increase interior room but the project was cancelled due to cost. They can supply the adapter, flywheel, starter and other misc items needed to mate the LSx engine to a G50 or other Porsche transaxle. 7 liter V8 in place of the troublesome M96 3. Gearbox: BMW S5D-250 M50 M52 M54, BMW S5D-310 ZF-310 / M50, BMW S5D-320 ZF-320 / M52 / M54 / E36 M3 5-SPEED , BMW E46 M3 6-speed Getrag 420 . $229. This 1977 Porsche 911 sold on Bring a Trailer for $44,200. These come with 3 bolt flanges intalled. If you have your heart set on a six-speed automatic to back your LS, consider TCI’s 6X transmission. A Transaxle, six speed sequential motorsport gear box with various ratio options available: This gearbox is used in high torque, mid engine, rear wheel drive set up applications such as GT40 builds, kit cars, time attack builds etc. Adjustable transaxle mounts can accommodate a range of engine and transaxle positions. Stock porsche transaxle mounts have been found to be too soft to handle LS torque. Starting a LS swap. These kits contain an adapter plate and all necessary hardware to help fit the bare engine to the transaxle. G50. This 1999 Porsche 911 has a GM LS1 5. Zalex products take away the stressful “Will it Run” fear when it comes time for the first startup. His unique swap might even earn the KL some newfound popularity after this. It includes the adapter flywheel, spacers, clutch, and everything else needed to make an older transmission, such as the M22, fit an LS engine. Categories Porsche 944 - LS Swapped, Porsche 944 LS Swap Adaptor Plate, Porsche 944 LS Swap Bell Housing, Porsche 944 LS Swap Torque Tube Leave a comment C-5 Trans in 944 May 12, 2020 by keetle Porsche 915/901 Transmission To 964 / 993 3. 5 inch clutch The Porsche Boxster is a mid engine car so if you use that transaxle it stays the same. For more information: The Chevy V-8 (4-bolt main) has an estimated 415 HP and needs super premium gas plus the extras like a custom 4 core radiator made to fix a 911/912, 33 mm rear torsion bars, adjustable rear lift kit, overflow tank/connection piece, custom transaxles bars, custom CV's and motor mount made to fit a 901 older Porsche with the new 915 transaxle. This adapter will allow you to bolt a 4L60E from a Gen I or II engine to a LS based engine. Perfect fit for Chevy LS engines with Porsche 944 transmissions. We are going to static testing in 2017. An engine to transaxle adapter is required. The transmission uses a Quarter Master 7. 99 Pilot Bearing Adapter with Bearing . Specifically, the late LS bellhousing with the upper mounting bolt hole and has casting number 24206952 on the starter bump out. 1977 Porsche 911 with a LS1 V8. 712510. Ls1,v8, gm, Porsche,944, 944 Porsche, hot rod, engine conversion, v8 swap, 5. It needs new tires, minor body work and paint. With roughly 350 HP and lb/ft on tap in a 2,800 pound car, it’s said to be very quick and dead . Posts: 112. ”. angles that caused CV joints to fail in other LS-swapped Caymans. 92154 . 2005 to 2008 6 Speed Manual. And yes, the car will remain all-wheel-drive! Specializing in engine adapters and high performance clutches for the Volkswagen Bug, Bus, Vanagon, And Porsche style transaxles. 00 ++: U. Complete remaunfacturing service: Rancho provides the strongest, best performing, most reliable remanufactured stock Porsche transaxles available Custom transaxles: We can custom configure and built to your . ICT Billet SBC Vehicle to LS Engine - Motor Mount Adapter Plate - Universal Swap Bracket Small Block LS Conversion Adjustable LS1 LS3 LS2 LQ4 LQ9 LS6 L92 L99 L33 LR4 Billet 551628 4. 79. Features 0. Headers got here. THe next problem is if you want headers, the transaxle is in way of std. Flame-Shooting Porsche Cayman Packs a 1,210-HP LS V8 Surprise in the Middle . Requires Porsche starter and 40mm Porsche 930 inner CV joints. Chevy V8 to Jeep T15 . Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Vibration isolator is a BMW M3 engine mount and can easily be changed out . CMS BMW M70 V12/G50 ADAPTER KIT . 915. Chevy / Buick Engine to Jeep T90 Transmission Adapter Kit $ 242. Renegade Hybrids loves the Boxster S transaxle and the LS engine. View Add to Wish List Add to Compare. $2,78500. Ford , Chev and Lexus (Toyota) to Audi kits come with flywheel to suit. 3lt engine, lt1,LT1, LS1, conversion parts, Boxster, horse power, Porsche parts, GM parts . 0 of 0 found this answer helpful. 61. There are adaptors for the Boxster, and the Audi engines bolt to the Boxster transaxles without the need of $3K worth of adaptors and clutch, etc. This kit from Advance Adapters allows any older GM manual transmission to bolt up to a Gen III/IV engine. MENDEOLA TRANSAXLES HAS MOVED. LS1 Stock Pressure Plate, Flywheel and 11" Clutch Disc + ARP Pressue Plate and Flywheel Bolts. 00 For the 951 transaxle, LSD and oil . Make your Gen III LS swap a breeze with this complete adapter kit for early GM automatic transmissions. One of the challenges in building a high-powered, mid-engine car is finding the right transaxle. 0L engines with cast iron heads. Got an adapter, flywheel and clutch on the shelf. LS Swap Torque Stall Converter Hub Adapter Transmission Crank LS1 / LT1 TH400 TH350 Flywheel . 99. Wilcap Co. Im looking at a turbocharged 6 cyl from a japanese donor (2JZ, RB26, VG30 etc. The LS6 sends power through a transaxle sourced from a Porsche Boxster S and, fortunately for Swanson, the tough job of making them play nice together was pretty straightforward. LS Engine Parts; Adapters; Sort by: Adapters. ICT Billet LS Swap Transmission Dipstick Adapter Bracket. Advance Adapters Answer - 7/5/2017. 16. 95. The engine sound is of course like a Corvette, particularly in the cabin; however, from the outside of the car it's not obvious, that is until you stomp on the gas. $1,57500. If you want to use a Porsche transaxle from a rear engine Porsche like a 911 you will need to flip it for the mid engine Manta also. Chevrolet Performance Transmission Adapter Kits. We have adapter plates that adapt the G50 to the following engines: BMW V12. 19. 29. The Corvette Interface Adapters work completely independent of the engine and trans mounts, making swaps like this quite simple and straightforward. A transaxle essentially combines a transmission, driveshaft and differential into one piece. , Ford SB 302 to 427) Ford Mod motor (including Coyote) Porsche G96 Transaxle. 5-liter inline-four, this “one mean Porsche 944” now has a small-block 350. It's a 1999 Porsche 911 (996 variant for P car enthusiasts) and a 1999 GM LS1 from a Camaro. 712505. 5 inch clutch Porsche 924/S,944/S/S2/turbo and 968 transaxle using C5 bellhousing and 10. Based around the 4L80E (and fitting wherever a 4L80E will fit), the 6X is a true six-speed transmission that TCI rates at 850-plus horsepower. Off-the-shelf adaptors start at $659. Engine: GM Chevrolet V8 LS LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 LS7 6-bolt Crankshaft, Chevrolet V8 LSX LSA LT1 8-bolt Crankshaft. Chevy LS series (all) Ferrari V12 (400i) Ford Windsor (e. 01e. Mimics 901/915/G50 Transaxles. by Kennedy. Instead of the old 2. ) THE LIST OF OPTIONS AND FEATURES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:Renegade Custom Mount AssemblyStock LS1 MotorCustom Rear Transaxle Back BlocksBillet Aluminum Adapter PlateOne Piece Billet Flywheel and Starter Ring GearStage Two High Performance Pressure PlateKevlar High Performance Nine Inch Clutch DiscCustom Pilot BearingThrow Out BearingWater Pump . Just starting my LS v8 conversion. 3 comments. We also adapt to the Toronado transaxle. $499 introductory price + shipping. You can swap in an LS-series V8 engine. An adapter kit with a flywheel and clutch was needed to mate the V8’s block to the Porsche’s transaxle. 339,00 EUR / pcs. 1500 HP Tom Nelson twin turbo LS. However, these transmissions require a flexplate adapter to work with the LS series flexplate. Porsche fans are notorious purists when it comes to the all-sacred 911. Making sure it will bolt to the G86 . The biggest expense of the project was the conversion kit, which includes an adapter to mate the aluminum V8 to the Porsche transmission, as well as a special mount arm to secure the engine to the chassis. Applications: Engines: Ecotec, Chevy LS, Subaru, Toyota, VW, Honda Engine/Transaxle Adaptor Plate. from 659. Bought a junk yard L92 and have started prepping it for installation. But heres a video detailing how the transdapt and carshopinc ls adapter plates differ from each other. S. Ecotec Transaxle Adapter Plate Kit. For more information: The Corvair transaxle is flipped because a Corvair is a rear engine car. 6935 CAMINO MAQUILADORA. 712508. TXL300 6S – Transaxle 6 Speed Sequential. The previous owner purchased the car as a theft-recovery missing the factory 3. LS Engine Swap Kits. After choosing which LS engine you will be using for the LS engine swap, you need to pick which transmission you want to run behind it. 5” thick 6061T-6 heat-treated aluminum plate with an SFI spec chromoly steel flexplate & mounting hardware! Ford - SB 289 - 302 - 351C & 351W engines. With Chalon Kit. View. bolt on headers. In 1995, Gaskins bought a limited-slip, four-speed 930 transaxle with a custom shifter and cable assembly for the 912, along with an adapter to use a small block Chevy V8 with it. We also adapt to the Ricardo transaxle. Custom adapter plate and flywheel to interface a 2002 Porsche 911 transaxle with a LS4. ) that mates to a transaxle like Porsches G50 (no $$ for a Hewland). O. Weddle Industries now stocks adapter kits to help you mate a VW style bell housing to most of today’s common engine packages (see applications below). The engine and transmission meet for the first time. Below is an LS-3 / Mendeola transaxle conversion in a 1994 S-10 pickup. A 430+ hp LS-3 engine is being added along with a 6 speed Boxster S transmission. Quick Time RM-6033 Bellhousing For Chevy LS Engines w/Porsche 944 Transmissions. Got an engine and transmission that were never intended to meet? RCR has the answer. Test your engine on the stand where it’s easy to fix the bugs and leaks before the car’s tight engine compartment gets in your way. Hi folks, relatively new to this sub and a new 944 (‘84) owner. Over 2 times the strength of any other steel bellhousing. Add To Cart. “I did a lot of research ahead of time and I knew there was a company that made an adapter to mate the two ,” he tells us. I plan on using a GM LS based V8 (L33 5. And the Tempest had One Too. 244-2902: Corvette C5, 1/2˝ conversion, Short, Convertible (1997-2004) . We also adapt to Pantera ZF or RBT Transaxles. #dmc #delorean #restomod #lsx #ls4 #porsche911 #porsche996 A post shared by Josh Schattenkirk . Many other adapter kits are available, but cost may differ according to your motor and transaxle choice, clutch requirements, and application. Scott would also have to apply the knowledge he picked up in his decades of transplanting V8s into Porsches to make various tweaks, like adding a custom chip so the German tach could speak American V8. Most street/track transaxles come from Porsche or Graziano, the OEM supplier to Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Audi (R8), McLaren and others. Full Ring Porsche 911 912 914 Adapter Ring. You should retain the original transmission on these applications. Cayman . Need a complete package, give us a call. The ATI adapter kit includes an ATI adapter plate, an ATI crank adapter, an ATI Flexplate, and all the necessary mounting hardware to correspond with your Ford or Chrysler engine. Speed Gems is a manufacturer and supplier of transmission adapters that allow the custom car builder to use a variety of engine and transmission combinations. Description for Porsche 914 1970: FOR SALE ‘MENDEOLA’S MULE’ 1970 Porsche 914. Quick Time RM-6033 Bellhousing. The transmission mounts were modified to be 1. Its had eight previous owners. Im investigating a new project involving a lot of horses in a mid engine longiditually mounted drivetrain. These Kits are Proudly Produced in the U. Adjustable Transaxle Mounts. Now retired with the time to work on my 2003 Boxster S 3. This platform will no longer be needed. Just last week we featured a 996 911 GT2. The ring and pinion needs to be flipped and all the internal tolerances set-up by a qualified Porsche specialist, which adds several thousand to the cost. The G96 range of Porsche transaxles was an evolution of the venerable G50 series, with improved synchros, and other technology. From what I am seeing the easiest / good price point replacement would be going the Momo route w/ hub adapter. If you can't find what your looking for on the pages listed below, call us. Modifications such as a Quarter Master 7. We have a comprehensive library of adapter plates that are carefully designed and tested to mate many popular engines to a wide variety of transmissions and transaxles. By word of mouth we have earned a reputation for quality and integrity. An adapter plate mates the LS block to the Porsche transaxle. Problem is oil pan to clear axle shaft . 996. Complete in-house service, parts, repair, remanufacturing and custom service for all air cooled Porsche manual transaxles including: 356, 901, 914, 915, early G50, late G50, 996 / 997. $34. 4 it would have had from the factory. 49. Fight the power, Matt. Some people like to use the older GM TH350, TH400 or 700R4 transmissions. We offer a wide range of transaxles and applications from offroad, street and vintage race cars. Incredibly, a stock VW transaxle is often said to be . The LS7 runs hotter than the Porsche engine by 10 to 20 degrees. Porsche Transaxle Specifications. The 350 has around 350 horses, which link up with the rear wheels through the stock transaxle. Regular price 5900 Sale price 5900 Sale. Unlike GM’s factory six-speeds, which are ‘double overdrive’ with both fifth and sixth gears . Our specialty has become designing, engineering and manufacturing engine adapters and high performance clutches for several different transaxles for the off road industry as well as VW and Porsche. $15. These sma. Only: $262. Adapter for 1990-1998 Porsche G50 Transaxle: Includes adapter plate and flywheel to bolt Porsche G50 to the LS engine, along with shifter linkage and other mounting hardware. Kennedy has an adapter to bolt an LS to both of the Boxster manuals . ) Categories Porsche 944 - LS Swapped, Porsche 944 LS Swap Adaptor Plate, Porsche 944 LS Swap Bell Housing, Porsche 944 LS Swap Torque Tube Leave a comment C-5 Trans in 944 May 12, 2020 by keetle Flywheel & Clutch Kit for GM LS-Series Engine conversions into Landcruiser FJ40 $ 790. Porsche 944 LS1 Conversion Fore Sale. a site that makes an adapter for the G96 transaxle. Ordered a LS3 intake, Saved the wiring harness and ECU for later. If you don’t see what you need here, we can most likely get if for you. Custom Dynotorque 3 exhaust Porsche gearbox adapter plate . 1976 Porsche 924 Gearbox Rear Engine In Front Transaxle In Between Porsche 924 Porsche Porsche 924s . The 4mm thick centerplate provides a solid foundation (that's 0. This kit will not work on the early LS 6. $962. Please note, the input shaft to stub axle/flange height is 55mm higher on a Subaru transaxle compared to VW transaxle. $20. We are currently developing adapter kits to the Subaru transaxle. For 45 years, Advance Adapters has designed, engineered, and manufactured unsurpassed Powertrain and 4-Wheel-Drive after market products. And of course, you will need to locate a good used Porsche 901/911 or 902 5 speed gear box. 5 inches further back. The seller did the swap and seems thorough as documented on the cars website. There are multiple sources for an adapter plate and everything you need to bolt the transaxle up to a small block Chevy. Ring gears are precision welded to meet SFI 29 . Also should note I’m looking for a smaller diameter wheel (easier to get . TILTON CONVERSION FLYHWEEL LS1 TO PORSCHE G50 Shipping $14. 25-inch twin-disc clutch, LS3 button flywheel, and custom-fabricated flywheel spacer were necessary as well, and the transmission mounts were modified 1. The GTS is currently being enhanced with a new drivetrain. Flywheel & Clutch Kit for GM LS-Series Engine conversions into Landcruiser FJ40 $ 790. Boxster. The @RadicalCarsUK brand new SR10 is a beautifully engineered track car equipped with a Hewland TMT-200 sequential transaxle transmission, achieving a power-to-weight ratio of 586bhp/tonne. 3 is at the top of my wishlist currently). Ford V8 to Jeep T14 or T86 Transmission Adapter Kit $ 288. Weddle Industries stocks a wide variety of adapter kits to fit many common engine/transaxle combinations using VW and LS bolt patterns. Our award-winning history of innovation and expertise ensures we provide quality craftsmanship as we serve our customers with knowledge and integrity. 1,630. Transaxle Engineering is the leading provider for all specialty transaxle needs. Porsche 986/987. Chevrolet LS Gen III/IV w/ 700R4/ Turbo 350-400 adapter plate, 8740, 12pt Flexplate Bolt Kit. Flywheels are made to order and allow us to create a flywheel to suit your transmission and clutch setup : 5 speed TY75 non-turbo push clutch; 5 speed TY75 turbo pull clutch; 5 speed / 6 speed TY75 turbo push clutch Bid for the chance to own a LS3-Powered 2006 Porsche Cayman S 6-Speed at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. Transaxles for Longitudinal Mid-engine Setup. Whether you want to do a complete LS swap, change your suspension, add a custom exhaust system, increase your power with a supercharging system, make your vehicle handle like a dream, or just keep up with more basic automotive repairs, LS Swap Masters can handle it. $639. g. Chevrolet Performance leads the industry with E-ROD crate engine systems and supporting components that enable enthusiasts to build a car that complies with the law, satisfies their desire for a cleaner hot rod and doesn’t sacrifice the performance. Lowest Price Guarantee. The seller did the swap and seems thorough, as documented on the car’s website. We offer more than 70 different adapters and we have several hundred different engines and transmissions in our CAD library. Shown with optional V Band Clamps. It's running a Terminator X kit at this time with drive by cable (DBC) throttle body. 01x . I believe the factory adapter kit is mfg. The 996 Dilemma: LS1 Swapped 1999 Porsche 911. The Cayman is still running the factory six-speed transaxle and open differential. When everything is turned up to the max, this 944 produces almost 800 horsepower to the wheels and some 886 pound-feet of torque, all of it going through the standard Porsche AOR transaxle from a . Chev LS1-7 to G50 Adapter Kit Porsche Transaxles we adapt to: 901. 6L DME Engine Conversion Flywheel and Clutch Package (PKG 915 225 DME SPC LWFW PMS) Regular price. I LOVE the car (and the sub ;-) but find my stock wheel to be problematic for a few reasons. A. They filled the empty engine bay with a 5. The Porsche Boxster is a mid engine car so if you use that transaxle it stays the same. The adapters are designed to be compatible with Stock VW Bug Type One Transmissions, 002 and 091 Bus, 094, And Mendeola. Porsche 901, 911, 914 . Essentially turning it into an LS3. 00 All Others: Click Here: Call for Availability ++ A $100 refundable core charge for the cross-member will be added at checkout Murray was also able to utilize the factory Porsche transaxle by adapting a Kennedy Engineering LS adapter plate to the engine. 930. 25″ dual disk clutch, LS3 Button flywheel and custom flywheel spacer. LS to 944 Porsche Conversion Tubular Manifolds. SKU : 551621 ICT Billet LS Oil Cooler Delete Plate LS LS1 LSX LS3 LQ4 LQ9 LR4 LS6 Port Line. Also a good thing: many of the Subaru-to-VW transaxles are built (or can be built) to handle the 300 HP/280 lb-ft that the 718 engine puts out. , Ford SB 302 to 427) Ford Mod motor (including Coyote) PORSCHE G96 TRANSAXLE. 8 out of 5 stars 925 Thanks for the question. These flexplate adapters are engineered to handle extreme duty applications and designed to take the punishment of today's high horsepower Gen III engines. 7 L LS1 V8 and 915 five-speed manual transaxle with a Renegade Hybrids adapter kit. Porsche 911 / 914-6 / 930 / 964 / 965 RSR Rocker Arms and Engine Valve Control Set (ENG 930 105 RSR PMS) Regular price. KEP organic spring hub disc. Chevy retainer bearing needed bolts on inside of tranny plate. We stock adapters designed to be compatible with Honda, Chevy, Ecotec, Subaru, Ford, and more. "NOTE: All adapter kits listed below are designed to mate an LS series Chevy V-8 motor to the Porsche transaxle. I have a project kicking around in my head and it involves using a longitudinal mid-engine setup like you'd see in a GT40 replica or the Factory 5 GTM. Pace offers a full line of LS engine swap mounts, complete conversion packages, transmission adapters, crossmembers, LS swap oil pans, LS swap headers, etc. Gearbox Adapter Plate GM Chevrolet V8 LS - BMW M50 M52 M54 M57 S50 S52 S54. At the very least, it's refreshing to see one less LS-swapped 944 in the wild. The Porsche® 928 independent rear suspension and brakes are maintained, so you will not loose any performance nor your investment in 928 brake and . For 1990 and later G50 5 or 6 speed - to Chevy LS: KEP conversion flywheel with starter ring gear. Type 1 VW Transmission Conversion to Porsche 5 Speed. THE LIST OF OPTIONS AND FEATURES ARE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:Renegade Custom Mount AssemblyStock LS1 MotorCustom Rear Transaxle Back BlocksBillet Aluminum Adapter PlateOne Piece Billet Flywheel and Starter Ring GearStage Two High Performance Pressure PlateKevlar High Performance Nine Inch Clutch DiscCustom Pilot BearingThrow Out BearingWater Pump . Transaxle Mounts. There are several other bits that make this unlikely conversion possible — and since I wanted AC and power steering, the kit in its . Shipping $36. SKU : 551628 SBC to LS Engine Swap Bracket Set. It is connected to the engine via a Kennedy Engineering LS adapter plate. 712502A. You also need a clutch, flywheel and adapter kit from Kennedy Engineering to mate the transaxle to the V8. Built from high grade steel - Work hardens to over 80,000 PSI strength. I also converted the car from the automatic Tiptronic (gross) to the 6 speed manual with limited slip (how they all should be). Still no luck on a 4l60e. 6-speed Transaxle Conversion Kit For the 1987-1995 Porsche® 928: TRA-6STC-AUT-87/95: $8,800. 85. Wilcap P. Built by racers for racers. 00. With readily-available upgrades to the Chevrolet transaxle, the transaxle can be made to hold 1000 lb ft of Torque. Good-Guys' article on JB Granger's Corvair . . ! ICT Billet LS Swap Transmission Dipstick Adapter Bracket. 997. $1,575. **Has Chevy shifter ball - shifts with hydraulics or STD Chevy forks. Box Box 763 Pismo Beach CA 93448 (805) 481-7639 Fax 343-5000. With over forty years in the business, we're committed to our transaxles by delivering superior service and quality. The outrageous engine rebuild/maintenance costs. Audi Transaxles we adapt to: 016. These kits are beautifully machined from billet 1045 steel and 6061 Aluminium. 0 L flat-six and transaxle. GM LS1/2/3/6/7 all Gen III/IV 6-bolt Porsche 924/S,944/S/S2/turbo and 968 transaxle using C5 bellhousing and 10. 2. T90 Transmission to Ford Small Block V8 Engine Adapter $ 294. However, the main job, and the toughest one, of fitting a KL-ZE into a Porsche 944 transaxle setup is finished and the car is running on its own power. 5-inches, allowing for . This vehicle has been used for road testing various Mendeola Transaxle based gearboxes. According to the seller, the rebuilt 350 “eliminated the biggest issue with a porsche in general. The Lambo transaxle could fit into place with the . 914. Select a Sub-Category. ls to porsche transaxle adapter